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Presented by: Craig Doran, CEO and Founder

One of the key advantages of digital briefs of evidence is that it reduces time-consuming manual paperwork, allowing more time for other investigations. Increasing the efficiency of investigations and brief development increases the front-line capacity of both law enforcement agencies and the courts. Digital briefs of evidence systems also make it easier for lawyers to access evidence quickly and securely from multiple locations. This helps them to prepare thoroughly for hearings and trials, saving both time and money. The integration of Axon Evidence with Comtrac is another innovation to the digitalisation and modernisation of the criminal justice system

Comtrac is a comprehensive investigation system that features our patented Elementising Evidence™ and Digital Brief Management Solution. The software is centred around mapping evidence and information to the elements of the offence, customising the investigative workflow and building the brief of evidence as the investigation progresses. Saving as much as 60% of investigation resources, getting everyone back out into the field sooner!


Who do Comtrac integrate/partner with _

Our Industry Focus _

  • Innovation (6)

    Design to streamline law enforcement investigations. Its unique investigative methodology means better and fairer outcomes In the justice system

  • Regulatory

    Progress large and protracted cases more effectively and efficiently. It's the only software of its kind available to regulatory agencies.

  • Financial

    Financial sector investigations must be rigorous - especially In thee dynamic areas of Financial Crimes and anti-money laundering. Comtrac helps audit teams navigate complex cases

  • Professional Standards

    Follow a simple methodology for your points of proof for integrity investigations to deliver administrative sanctions