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Event Overview:

The way in which we work is changing, and so too is the place, and how often we work there. Automation is increasing, new forms of work are emerging and hybrid workplaces are now commonplace. One constant though is that employees continue to be injured carrying out their work.

The 25th Annual Workers’ Compensation Summit will look at the evolving workplace and assess how current workers’ compensation schemes reflect modern times. How well do schemes cater to psychological injuries, and how effective are workplace well-being programs in preventing harm? As the political landscape changes, the presenters of the Summit will analyse WHS policy development and assess their likely impact on workers’ compensation and the health and safety of all workers, irrespective of how, when, and where they work.

Join us in Melbourne for the Summit sessions taking place on the 29th February and 1st March 2024.

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Comtrac's Presentation
Enhancing Agency Integrity:
Transforming Investigations and Enhancing Accountability around Workers Compensation through Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Presented by: John Kilburn


Date:  29th February 2024

Time:  2.20 pm AEDT 


  • Enhancing organisational reputation through modern investigations and understanding the ongoing transformations in investigative practices that ensure increased accountability.

  • The use of AI to combat the myriad of investigative challenges - The Perils and Pitfalls and what it means for your investigators and business as a whole.

  • Mobility, Security, and the Cloud - Confronting the changing paradigm of modern workplace investigations.

John Kilburn-1

Head of Commercial and Business Strategy

John Kilburn has an extensive background in law enforcement and security, including key roles in counter-terrorism and security intelligence. His primary focus at Comtrac is to develop Partnerships within Public Justice, Government, Regulators and Law Enforcement in Australia and internationally. 

Louise Lam (3)

Account Manager

Louise has a background in the financial services industry where she successfully collaborated with government and non-government clients across Queensland. With her expertise in client liaison, negotiation, and relationship management, Louise excels in understanding client needs and navigating innovative solutions for their success.

Gareth Gross

Senior Account Manager

Gareth Gross is a seasoned Senior Account Manager at Comtrac, boasting a rich background that spans 26 years in investigation, cybersecurity, and security technology. He excels in advising leaders on methods to digitally transform their investigation processes and delivers effective solutions for government and enterprise organisations.


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Mastering the Art of Effective Workplace Investigations

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Download our playbook to learn how to run effective workplace investigations that deliver justice to afflicted parties and help organisations build healthier cultures.