Build a case designed to win

and stop wasting your time_

A holistic investigation management platform for regulatory agencies.

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Every year there is $16.8 billion spent on investigations_

Stalled, dismissed and delayed investigations are wasting billions of dollars in environmental protection cases around Australia.

Rushed, confusing or incomplete briefs of evidence reflect the pressures faced by investigators. Don’t lose or delay your cases due to inadequate or incomplete briefs of evidence.

Comtrac is the investigation management platform that revolutionises regulatory enforcement and investigation.

More than just a dumping ground for information, Comtrac is an investigation ecosystem that actually streamlines your investigations.


Identify opportunities for
early resolution


Save valuable time
and reduce costs


Have visibility over
complex investigations


strict deadlines


Visualise relevant


Automate fit-for-purpose
digital briefs

This is the only unified software solution that has the power to change the way you manage investigations forever.

Digital makes it fast

Accelerate investigations with our highly sophisticated brief builder you can generate with just one click.

Accurate tracking

Map activities, key events and exhibits against specific elements of the offence to create a powerful evidence matrix.

Bring prosecutions forward

Targeted efficiency is achieved because Comtrac adapts to your workflow so you can turn prosecutions over at lightning speed.

No more wasted resources, effort or time.

Regulatory investigations undertaken by Commonwealth, State and Local Governments can be highly complex and specialised. 

Comtrac’s one-of-a-kind investigation management software allows you to progress both simple or protracted cases with powerful efficiency.

Navigate the complexities of cross-jurisdictional investigations and the lawful sharing of information with ease previously unheard of.

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Consistent and admissible reports strengthen cases

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Relieve the burden of manual handling

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Real-time briefs of evidence built on the go

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Increase productivity and transparency

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Inhouse Comtrac support team at every step

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Shrink the risk of errors

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Reduce stalled or lost cases

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Slash the time and cost of enforcement

Designed by Investigators for Investigators

Designed by a team with extensive government, intelligence, software engineering and investigation experience, Comtrac is the only software of its kind available to regulatory agencies. 

A perfect synergy of functionality and adaptability tailored to regulatory investigations that meet your exact needs across the regulatory landscape.

Who is Using Comtrac?

Comtrac’s customers report saving 30% to 60% on investigation timelines_

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Elementising Evidence™

Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ facilitates every step of your investigation as a comprehensive, end-to-end investigation and digital report management solution.

Strategic investigation

automatically populates the investigation matrix

Running sheets and exhibits register

is the tracking and tasking solution on desktop and app

Match and track evidence to elements

of the offence in the investigation matrix across time

Automatic briefs and reports

clarify direction even for complex and unstructured investigations

Ready for Superior Outcomes in Shorter Timeframes?