Standard Case Management vs. Electronic Investigation Management systems


What's best for your agency's investigative activity management

We understand that law enforcement and regulatory agencies face the challenge of maintaining capacity and capability in an environment of reducing resources and fiscal changes. In response to this challenge, many agencies often attempt to 'do more with less' by seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their investigations, while still maintaining the quality of their outcomes.

However, the common approach of investing in a new Case Management System (CMS) often falls short of meeting the requirements of investigation management. Despite offering useful features, CMS tools aren't designed to handle the full life cycle of investigation management, leading to limited results and sometimes even a deteriorating investigation management process.

That’s where Electronic Investigation Management System (EIMS) comes in. To help you get to grips with which one would be the best fit for your agency, we’ve developed this CMS vs EIMS guide. In it, we cover:

1. The case management mirage although accountability, tracking and reporting of cases can be significantly increased through a CMS, the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations often remains unchanged. Why is that?

2. Understanding case management vs investigation management  the important difference between Transactional Work and Exploratory Work

3. Investigation management methodology  the area where innovation or strategies for improvement should be targeted


Case Management vs Electronic Investigation Management - iPad