Is your case management system up to the new AGIS EIMS standards?

Is it time for your organisation to update its case management system (CMS)? 

The technological landscape around case and investigations management is changing, so much so that the recently updated Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS) reflects this stating:

“Entities should have an electronic investigation management system (EIMS) to record, collate and manage investigations.”

The updated 2022 AGIS means that all entities must now analyse their existing systems to understand whether they align with these newly appointed standards, or if they will be open to regulatory scrutiny.

As case management systems (CMS) have long been the be-all and end-all tool to manage investigations and are - of course - electronic, it has left many wondering – will my existing case management system suffice, or does my organisation need to look at upgrading?

The difference between CMS versus EIMS

Before we get into what is required from a CMS to align to the new AGIS EIMS standards, it’s important to discuss the difference between case management and investigation management systems.

Case Management Systems (CMS) offer a digital solution that helped increase the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations. However, despite boasting many useful features, most CMS aren’t designed to handle the full life cycle of investigation management. That’s because the characteristics of work undertaken in ‘case management’ from actual ‘investigation management’ are different and as such a CMS tool will generally struggle to meet the requirements of both.

Key system requirements of the new AGIS

The 2022 AGIS brings to light the much-needed use for a single, secure evidence management system, one that not only enhances the collaboration between teams but also enables collaboration between entities in a secure, structured, and consistent way. But what exactly are those specifications, and what does that mean for your organisation’s existing CMS?

We’ve developed a short straightforward test you can use to evaluate this; But in short, the new AGIS stipulates that a complaint case or investigation management system must be able to securely share evidence between internal and external systems, comply with best practice information security protocols, accurately record decisions and case activity, and capture information in a concise, manageable way.

As digital evidence and virtual courtrooms are further embedded into our reality, the new AGIS addresses the appropriate steps for both regulatory and investigative entities to maintain transparent, well managed cases in the digital age.

Is your System up to it? Answer 5 quick questions on your CMS/IMS and find out.